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by I Saw 43 Sunsets

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Indie Rock from Athens.

i saw 43 sunsets

vocals : Spiros D.
guitars,vox : Dionisis A.
guitars : Giannis Z.
bass : Alexis A.
drums : Stratos P.

music + lyrics : i saw 43 sunsets

recorded : Mihalis K. - studio D (spring 2010)
programming : Stratos P./Dionisis A.
mixed : Stratos P.-May!studio

artwork:Stratos P.


released March 1, 2011



all rights reserved


I Saw 43 Sunsets Αθήνα, Greece

Indie Rock band from Athens. Came to life in 2009 and released their promo EP in March 2011. Then,they recorded an acoustic mashup of Kavinsky's "Nightcall" and Desire's "Under your spell" from movie Drive, which gained critical acclaim worldwide. In 2014,first videoclip was released called 'I Am The Rain'. In 2015, they self-released their debut album with title Now We Are Infinite. ... more

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Track Name: first winter
You walked in my dream
I watched you rise, I watched you fly over my head
You came like a beam
Bathed in light, captured sun in your hair

Ooo I wish I could be alive again..
Ooo I wish I could be yours again..

In a burning room
Of red wine, you will shine in my eyes
Come on dance with me
Through the trees, through the rivers of your lies
Track Name: some empty thoughts
Some empty thoughts
came tonight again

Smile and paint me something, yes anything you’d like
With these fingers of yours, so delicate and soft

Mornings full of walks
under your sun

Paint us like shadows kissing, on a feast of light
Like two lovers, whispering goodnight…

Yes, that is it… Perfect…
Come on, come closer

I could always find
You in dark rooms

Paint me the starlit sky, the merciful moon
Watch me fly, I’m leaving soon…

Run, run, run
Leave all behind

Paint a tired daisy dancing, a cloud shedding a tear
My heart is exploding, I feel we are near..

Yes, that is it… Perfect…
Now throw it into the fire
Into the fire..
Into the fire..
Into the fire..
Track Name: half breathing
Half breathing, half awake
Hard to see what’s real and fake
Half beating, burnt-hearted
My hopes have all departed

Empty heart, empty head
Just the drone of an end
Trails of sun spot the air
All the stars in your hair

And I dream of the day
When you and I are one
When under heavy rain
I’ll be there to hold your hand

Mind on fire, body broken
Still remember when you’ve spoken
“I have a heart that’s mine to rip…”
But mine’s is yours to keep.

Yeah, I dream of the day
When I could ease your pain
And it’s hurting me so much
Knowing the dream will remain
Just a dream

And I’ll always be longing for you
Yes I’ll always be dreaming for you
Yes I’ll always be craving for you
Yes I’ll always be a stranger to you
Track Name: everything
Madness floating on our minds
We surely seem like two of a kind
A killing joke that made me blind
Left alone and fallen behind

Burning lava sliding down my soul
Too much blood in my alcohol
There is no point in you after all

And everything, everything, everything will be as you like

A masked ball is now your feast
Can’t remember the last time we kissed
These words made me a mindless beast
Endless pain, endless bliss

Now on your cheeks lie dirty hands
You are swimming with another man
No distance left for us to run

And everything, everything, everything will be as you like
Track Name: daylight
Daylight slips in my room, this hour of awakening
Who was I until that time, my minds eye keeps questioning

I find meaning in you
my sweet revelation
Sweet as honey
made by a thousand golden bees

That peace of mind
i see it now was there
for me to find
A part of the surrounding whole I am
Secretely transformed into gold

Are we only a puzzle of broken images and cold cloudy memories?
Have we lived in all these or are we just reflections of a different truth?

My queen, sweet as the daylight, set me free